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About Us

About Aegean Medical Health Center

Aegean Medical Health Center is committed to delivering the ultimate patient experience that will make your surgical journey more pleasant. Whether you are looking to freshen your skin or undergo cosmetic reconstructive surgery or bariatric surgeries, our trained, professional staff has years of experience to help meet your unique needs, big and small.

Our patients will feel special after benefiting from the results of cosmetic surgery done at our office and they will feel special because of the care and treatment our staff gives them before, during, and after their cosmetic procedure. Serving our patients, fulfilling their every need, and maintaining their comfort always come first. At Aegean Medical Health Center, we strive to exceed your expectations and make a difference in your life!

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Working with experts around the world

Highly-trained specialists to perform your surgery. Offering the latest in leading-edge research and technology, our surgeons treat many patients who have been referred by doctors from across the country and around the globe. Members of our all branches team are experts in a variety of complex procedures and represent a wide range of medical skills and training. Our doctors, nurses and other team members work together to create healthy outcomes.

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