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Dental Veneers

Dental Check-up

Dental Veneers

The dental veneers are wafer thin porcelain shells which serve as outer covering of your discolored or disfigured teeth. The veneers bond seamlessly with your teeth and thus enhances the overall appearance of your teeth.

Usually, it takes about three visits to the dentist clinic to get the dental veneer done.

Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneers (or dental laminates) are extremely thin coatings applied to the front side of the teeth. Mostly made of porcelain, their main purpose is to counteract aesthetic problems. Laminate veneer treatment Istanbul is made by best methods in our clinic. They contribute to correcting common ones such as stubborn tooth discolorations, gaps, and some forms of misalignment. Thanks to their wafer-thin surface, they don’t require major changes in the tooth size or structure prior to the intervention. So, in most cases, they ensure the overall preservation of the original teeth. Most patients are very satisfied with the end result. For instance, the way laminate veneers reflect light is remarkably life-like. This is a bonus aspect that increases their highly natural-looking appearance even more.

Zirconium Veneers

Throughout the last decades, zirconium dental veneer in Istanbul have become one of the widespread applications in cosmetic dentistry. Among the varied alternatives, those made with zirconium are gaining in popularity. Clients willing to improve their dentition and smile do appreciate those light, discreet, and natural-looking tooth covers. To be more exact, zirconium is generally used as a complement to porcelain in dental bridges and crowns. It replaces the metallic support found in more traditional models. Although not as resistant as metal, zirconium alloys are nevertheless a quite reliable material, especially thanks to the ongoing technological development.


Speaking of alloys, some slight disambiguation might be necessary here. Roughly said, zirconium is a strong metal just like titanium. On the other hand, zirconia (or zirconium dioxide) is a white-colored crystalline oxide that contains zirconium. That’s the component veneers are made from. So, in fact, the term ‘zirconia veneers’ is more appropriate in the context of dentistry. However, because of the common zirconium content in both materials, ‘zirconium veneers’ is also an acceptable denomination.

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Dentistry Treatments

Teeth Whitening Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure and is the most affordable smile makeover option. Lifestyle habits and aging lead to discoloration of the teeth. We provide teeth whitening services at a certified dental clinic. Dentists use strong but safe ingredients to whiten teeth, while protecting the gums as well as the oral cavity.

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Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)

Teeth Cleaning (Scaling) Scaling and root planning cleanings, also known as deep cleanings, are used to both the teeth and gum pockets in order to treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Deep cleanings for gingivitis are usually completed in a single dental appointment. Deep cleanings for periodontitis, on the other hand, may require multiple appointments and local

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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover A perfect smile is possible with perfect teeth. Beautiful pearly while teeth enhance your image and make a great first impression on people. Cosmetic dentistry can help you look your best by getting rid of any teeth deformities. These treatments are very expensive in the UK, US, and other countries and as they

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Gold Teeth

Gold Teeth Gold tooth crowns work in exactly the same way as any other tooth crown. They are used to cover a part of the tooth that has become damaged and is at risk of infection. There are a number of reasons you may require a crown, for example: A breakage in your tooth decay

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