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Six Pack

Six Pack

Six pack surgery is the easiest way to remove the attractiveness of the abdominal muscles using the technique of liposuction. In this way, the abdominal muscles are formed into a fit and athletic look in a short time. During application, the insertion is made with micro-measurement of the body. And these insertions melt the fat in your abdomen. Since the cannula is inserted into the body through a very thin cannula, no incisions or sutures are required after surgery.

The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. Some patients may have excess fat in their abdomen. Such patients have all the fat in their abdomen removed. Next, expose the muscle folds with a six-pack application. The healing process after the procedure is very fast and lasts about an hour.

As with any surgery, there are some considerations for six-pack surgery. Therefore, smokers should quit smoking 2 weeks before surgery. Additionally, do not use blood thinners such as aspirin.


If you quit smoking before surgery, you should continue to smoke for some time after surgery. Your doctor will also indicate that you should wear a corset for a period of time. After surgery, which is completely painless under normal conditions, simple pain relievers can be used if symptoms occur. Finally, since no incisions or sutures are used during surgery, the healing process is extremely rapid.


Instead of struggling for a long to get the abdominal muscles you want, you can have six pack surgery and have them in a short time. Moreover, the surgery which enables a weight loss advantage for overweight people also generates a high self-confidence.        

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